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Arachnipod - How it works
Arachnipod Offset A-Frame/Bipod/multipod system  

The Arachnipod in its basic form is a tripod. It consists of three telescoping legs, each pivotally connected to an anodised head.

The head is produced from aluminium extrusion with cutouts down each side. These cutouts allow two or more heads to connect together with a Qik-link pin, similar to a hinge, which allow quick and simple addition or removal of legs or bridge to create different configurations.

Each head has a D-shackle for guying to stabilise it. The optional pulley leg has an in-built pulley, mounted on two stainless steel roller bearings.

The pulley is stainless steel and has two grooves - one to take up to 13 mm rope and the other to take up to 8 mm wire cable. Stainless steel detent pins prevent the rope or wire from coming out of the grooves.

The system grows to a true Multipod with a change in the configuration by adding or subtracting components.