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Arachnipod Spike Foot

Arachnipod Tripod

Arachnipod Spike Feet

Arachnipod spike foot and Soft Ground Shoe


A spike foot can be used for point loading and ground penetration applications. A stainless steel tip has been added to extend the service life of the spike foot. The spike foot inserts into the foot socket and is held in place with a detent pin.

The Arachnipod comes standard with rubber tread feet. Spike feet are available for rocky terrain. The standard feet are added by removing the foot detent pin and removing the feet from the end of the leg. This, reveals the adapter socket which accepts the optional spike feet. Spike feet can be used alone for terrain such as cliff tops and rocky ground, or with the soft ground discs when using sand or supple ground.  The soft ground discs clip over the spike foot, allowing the spike to dig in the ground, but the large surface area of the disc prevents the whole leg from sinking into the ground.