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Arachnipod A-Frame

Arachnipod Tripod

Arachnipod A-Frame

Arachnipod Sideways A-Frame

Arachnipod Sideways A-Frame w/ Pulley Head

  A-Frame & Sideways A-Frame 


A conventional or off set A-frame can be easily constructed by removing one of the tripod legs. The A-frame can be used in situations where a high directional is required for high lines, or in confined spaces where the area is not big enough to accommodate conventio

nal systems such as the tripod.

Sideways A-frame 
Using Pulley Head

This configuration is ideal for situations which require a high-directional, protruding past an edge such as cliffs, high-rise buildings and bridges.         Using one standard head and one pulley head introduces an in-built high directional pulley for ease of use during rescue operations.

An optional rigging plate should be used to provide additional tie-off points for stabilising the frame.